Vans 'AV Rapid Weld' Wear Test

Posted by Route One on 27th April 2016

Last Monday Vans shoes held a wear test for professional legend Anthony Van Engelen and his newest shoe the 'AV Rapid weld'.

The concept was to invite key stores throughout the UK and Europe to the House of Vans under London Waterloo station, give every one in attendance a free pair of the new shoes, get them skated in and receive people's honest feed back on the shoe.
Vans have always kept to their grass roots and working hands on with skateboarders, from it's humble beginnings up to it's large scale operations they have always stood firm to this ethic... Which is obviously rad!

And so, with every store in tow, we split up into two groups and headed out to two key iconic locations in London, South bank centre and Stockwell skatepark. Unfortunately the Stockwell session was cut short due to the classic indecisiveness of UK weather, inevitably it chucked it down and before long the entire crew ended up in the urine sodden under croft of the Southbank centre.
Even with the downpour people still managed to make the session enjoyable with everyone in good spirits and having a genuinely good old fashioned session as apposed to your standard regulated wear test.

Once every one had skated themselves out, we headed back to the House of Vans to have a good chin wag, talk about the shoes and swig ale.

Check the highlights below from us and Sidewalk.