Vans: The Rowan Pro

Posted by Route One on 20th February 2020

Rowan Zorilla's debut dabble into the pro shoe market for Vans has to be one of the sexiest shoes we've seen in time and this accompanying clip, scored "live" by Matt Sweeney and Jon Theodore, is the perfect audio visual representation of the feeling this shoe elicits.


With that loosey goosey style reminiscent of a young Mike Wright, the free flowing Baker pro puts down at a multitude of spots from Milan to LA and reps his new shoe hard, reminding us all just how deserving this ascension to the pro ranks is and how much he's earned that handsome pay cheque he's no doubt now getting!


And if the intensity of the sound track tickles your ear then hit up the 'Behind the Scenes' clip once Rowan is done (you'll see it in the suggested videos on YouTube). This is essentially the exact opposite of how a normal skate section is made (where the editor lines up the clips to the beat of the song) and it's a thoroughly interesting journey into the process of two master musicians as they make a song to fit the time line of the tricks. Creativity at its finest!