Venice Slappy Challenge

Posted by Route One on 27th October 2016

Sometimes the gnarliest of skateboarding is what's needed to get you stoked, be it Heath 5050ing a previously untouched hubba, Jaws clearing a banister of unfathomable proportions or Bob taking his Mega Ramp experimentation to unexplored heights. Other times though it's simple fun that becomes the order of the day and this brand new clip from the folks at Soma Mag gives you exactly that!

Cliche Head Honcho Jeremie Daclin is no stranger to fun on a skateboard, being over thirty years deep in the game at this point, so it comes as no surprise that his latest venture sees 'having a good time' at the forefront of his priorities. The concept is, in essence, as basic as it gets; manufacture a super long double sided kerb, copied exactly from the Venice beach ones made famous in Natas Kaupas' seminal 'Streets of Fire' part, wax the hell out of it and invite a load of mates along to have a good old fashioned slappy sesh on the beast!

The Rhone side backdrop makes the most stunning of venues and the skating itself is absolutely top notch; we challenge you to not want to go down to your local Lidl straight after, pack of candles in hand, fiREHOSE greatest hits on Spotify and getting your slappy shred on, it really is that inspiring!