Vincent Nava for Pig Wheels

Posted by Route One on 28th May 2020

Moshers of the world rejoice, there's a new flavour in town and if stud belt's and industrial beats are your thing we reckon you're gonna like this a lot!

Coming straight outta Downey, California and looking like Derek Whibley if he was on Sk8 Mafia, Vincent Nava marches to the beat of his own drum with an appropriation of early 00's fashion and a rail onslaught heavy enough to make Heath Kirchart blush.

With his Yugioh spikes and flame grip it's easy to concentrate on the Kerrang cover star flair but look beyond it for a second and you see an up and coming ripper who really knows how to skate a hand rail. From flip front crooks to one of the best backside noseblunts we've ever seen, Foundation's Vincent is definitely going places and he's probably taking a crew of Slipknot hoody wearing fans along for the ride!