Wink’s Links: Tom Penny

Posted by Route One on 30th September 2015

Released through the Kingpin skateboarding website, they describe ‘Wink’s Links’ as follows:

Wink's Links is raw BCN skate life – straight from the crates of infamous Floridian expat and transplant Barcelonian, Mr Thomas Winkle. Wink's Links 'episode 1' feature the one and only Tom Penny, silky smooth Jesus Fernandez plus Chris Roberts and Brahian Londono. Stay tuned for more raw Wink's Links soonish…

So, that’s us sold! Tom Penny footage is like that old saying about publicity; any is good! Plus you actually get to hear Flip Skateboards' Tom talk, which is a rarity in itself. Throw in the aforementioned Chris Roberts and Jesus and you have quite possible our favourite clip of the week. It’s made us all the more desperate to get another Barca trip booked as soon as possible!

Winks Links Episode 1 - Tom Penny a Skateboarding video by kingpin