X Games: Real Street 2020

Posted by Route One on 14th May 2020

Despite the world going into lockdown (or perhaps brought forward because of it) X Games has released the only part of their competition arsenal that really matters; Real Street.

The format is as simple as ever, a select group of professional skateboarders submit a minute's worth of footage and we, the viewing public, get to vote on which we deem to be "the best." Of course "the best" is subjective and favouritism often plays a part in voting patterns. Not that there is anything wrong with this, skateboarding has always been about what inspires you most, not the guy doing the biggest 7000 Mcflingle (Google On Video - why style matters if you don't recognise the quote!).

This year sees the pitting of Frankie Villani, Kevin Bækkel, Dakota Servold, Chase Webb, Clive Dixon and Jamie Foy against each other. Safe to say it's pretty handrail heavy and not one of them holds back the gnar in search of your voting validation!

Click this link, watch the vids and vote for your favourite - it's as simple as that!