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Drive or be Driven

Mar 2021 by Route One
Drive or be Driven, the new video from Bobaj and Jackson Davies, has just dropped with an accompanying full length article on the Free Skate Mag website and it's left up brimming with hope and hype for the summer ahead!
Chronicling the adventures and exploits of a rag tag crew of transition favouring talents, the broadcast follows our intrepid protagonists as they trek across the Alps in search of insane terrain. Not content with showcasing skills and spots we can only dream of, the edit also reminds us of that long forgotten pre-Covid ritual; getting in the car and going on a skateboarding mission with your mates!
Featuring our own J-Thaxx and Sam Beckett, alongside the likes of Ben Broyd, Sox, Martino Cattaneo and more, this is 20 mins of 'lads on tour' skate action at it's very best. The fact that the Swiss scenery ain't too shabby only adds to the appeal!

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