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Route One Skate Team in Laos

Apr 2023 by Louis Parsons

Way back in late January, we sent the Route One Skate Team out to Laos, a Southeast Asian country landlocked between Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand, to soak up a little culture, unearth some untouched skate spots, and get involved with Make Life Skate Life, the charity organisation whose aim is to make skateboarding accessible for all. With Sam Beckett tied up with Skateboard GB-related commitments, Amy Ram, Rianne Evans, and a double-Jordan-duo of Sharkey and Thackeray all headed East with our mate and the UK’s top lensman James Griffiths in tow, to sample the ‘crete at Make Life Skate Life’s latest skatepark project and provide a helping hand at the opening ceremony.

Find out more about the trip in Issue 10 of The Skateboarder’s Companion, arriving at your local Route One store very soon, and learn more about Make Life Skate Life’s mission here


What luggage allowance?
If you squint REALLY hard, this could almost be a Renaissance painting
Has Griff ever seen a hot dog before? The perplexed look on his face indicates otherwise...
Sippin' brews and mixin' crews: Route One x Make Life Skate Life: Laos mission complete!

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