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Mano A Mano '23 - Gregson Vs. Anderson

Jun 2023 by Route One

Woodward West's annual mini-ramp game-of-skate is back again, pitting the biggest and the best of the transition world against each other as Tim O'Connor bleats on from the rafters, still dining out on the fact he was pretty good 25 years ago.

First up it's the battle of freestyle vs frontside flips (or Andy Anderson vs Chris Gregson as it is actually advertised) as outlandish tech meets repetitive strain injury in a collision of worlds the likes of which we haven't seen since Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg became friends.

Andy mixes up some truly mesmerising lip trick dancing but contorts himself into some unrescuable positions, allowing the constant frontside flipping of the best followcam-filmer in the business to slowly chip away.

Is this a classic game of skate, a battle the likes of which Roman gladiators would revere, discussing only in hushed tones? Nah, it's pretty messed up tbh! But it serves as a great introduction to the latest series and reminds us skateboarding is as whatever you want it to be, even at the highest level, and that's exactly how we like it!

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