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Skate Copa Court /// Europa

Aug 2017 by Route One

Though it was only a few weeks ago, given the speed in which the skate world moves on these days, it seems almost an eternity since the adidas boys were over in London for our nation's leg of the 'Skate Copa Court' tour. Let's be fair, after their visit to our fair isle they ventured forth onto Paris and Berlin, so we'll forgive their apparent tardiness in releasing the official clip, especially as it affords us yet more opportunity to fawn over the ever wonderful Gustav Tonnesen.




Focusing more on the street skating sessions each city afforded the assorted crew of rippers, alongside token recaps of the more mind blowing tricks from the official events themselves, the roster of riders on show produce as stellar a showing of skateboard brinkmanship Europe is likely to see this year!




Suciu, Bordewick and Busenitz never disappoint, Silas, Najera and Silvas always delight; you know were you are with these lads and you know the skating is gonna be top notch. Then there's your boy Gustav, who we'll freely admit makes us go weak at the knees, such is his magician like prowess on his four wheeled toy. Anything with him in gets the R1 seal of approval, and this clip gets exactly that!

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