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Paul Rodriguez 'Life Reset'

Sep 2023 by Route One

As the latest guest on Tony Hawk and Jason Ellis' excellent 'Hawk vs Wolf' Podcast, Paul Rodriguez made known that he'd been letting things slip post 'Define,' and that he was (at the time of publishing) now one week into his "life reset." Knocking drinking and fine dining on the head was just the start of his new chapter and this brand-new series (nine episodes in the first few weeks!) is showcasing the effort he's now putting in to make the most of those last few years of peak physical fitness.

See, at 38, P Rod is now twenty years older than the wunderkind we all remember tearing it up in 'Yeah Right.' And although the muscle memory remains, the recovery time starts to be measured in weeks rather than hours and so Paul wants to make the very most of what his aging body will allow.

Episode One opens with the stark reality that faces even the most talented among us; when we're old, things can hurt every day. Warming up for what seems like an eternity whilst Manny Santiago casually cruises, the truth is all of us will have to put more effort in to how we eat and how we exercise if we want to maintain a semblance of ability the closer we get to middle age.

Major props to Paul for giving us a glance behind the curtain, this is what life is like for a 38 year old pro skateboarder and he isn't afraid to show it to us.

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