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Adam Keys For Skate Mental
Adam Keys For Skate Mental
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Adam Keys For Skate Mental

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

It’s been quite a big week for Skate Mental! And whilst news of the addition of Portsmouth’s dopest, Adam Keys, to the UK flow team may not be up there with the release of Shane O’Neill’s part, it is definitely worthy of your attention.

Having come back from the brink of knee injury hell a few years back Adam has put together one of the best sections from a UK skater this year. The levels of tech are mind-blowing in parts and he really can skate everything; from ledges to stairs via DIY tranny, Adam has something for it all.

The deal itself is via Bristol’s Shiner Distribution, hence the hosting being through their in house video channel Pixels, and although it may well not lead to international tours in the company of Zgram23 and crew it’s definitely great to see Mr Keys getting the recognition he deserves and some product for his troubles!

Adam Keys: Skate Mental UK from Pixels on Vimeo.

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