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adidas Skateboarding Civil Liberty
adidas Skateboarding Civil Liberty
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adidas Skateboarding Civil Liberty

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

This clip from adidas, to coincide with the launch of Mark Suciu’s inaugural pro shoe, serves to whet the appetite of two quite different crowds in equal measure.

Firstly there’s the fans of Habitat Pro Mark; any footage of the lad is golden and this is him at his best - cruisy lines and a creative eye. He really doesn’t disappoint.

Then there’s the filming crowd…

Over recent years the cost of video technology has dropped to the point where most kids can afford to get their hands on some piece of recording equipment, meaning there is a whole generation out there fanning out on the filmers as much as the skaters. And very few filmers elicit the kind of fandom reserved for the brilliance of Chris Mulhern - the second the first glimpse of the Philly skyline comes into view you know it can’t be anybody else. How Mulhern can turn a simple Canon 60D into a paintbrush capable of matching any old master is a question we’ll never likely know the answer to, instead we’ll just have to revel in the beauty of his work and be glad we’re lucky enough to be granted audience to it…

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