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AJ Zavala’s $lave Part
AJ Zavala’s $lave Part
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AJ Zavala’s $lave Part

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Artist Ben Horton managed to keep $lave Skateboards afloat during the difficult times experienced by all the Black Box brands last summer – we’re massively stoked with that as not only do they produce some of the raddest deck art on the market right now but they put out fantastic parts like this too!

Alongside R1’s own Conhuir Lynn (plus the likes of Jon Allie, Matt Mumford, Danny Dicola, Anthony Schultz, Pat Burke and Frecks) comes AJ Zavala and this banging new part to get you stoked on the gnarliest of raw skating once again – as if you actually needed an excuse!

In typical Black Box style you get the fast VX filming and editing we all know and love alongside gnarly rails, big ol’ gaps and just enough creativity to set your pulse racing as fast as it would if you were the one performing such moves. You know the score by now; click play and get stoked.

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