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Atlantic Drift: Mockba
Atlantic Drift: Mockba
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Atlantic Drift: Mockba

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
  • atlantic drift mockba thrasher

Russia is definitely on the come up! Vans Europe trip, Atlantic Drift residency, subverting British democracy - Moscow definitely seems to be getting some shine!

In all seriousness though, the Russian capital seems to have somehow managed to avoid the majority of skateboard vacation exploration over the past two decades (short of a Kenny Reed On Video piece and the Converse lads a summer or two back) but recent weeks have showcased just how many spots the vast metropolis has to offer and, on the evidence we've seen, we reckon it won't be long before it's rivaling Berlin, Paris and Copenhagen as Barcelona alternatives for the discerning skate holiday maker!

Obviously though there's no way in hell you and your boys (or girls) are taking it to the streets quite like Jake Harris and the Atlantic Drift crew. You've gotta remember, these are the lads that went to NYC and blew the minds of the American scene. Tom Knox, Chris Jones and Mike Arnold do not mess about. Well, they do but they're bloody good at skateboarding too!

Honestly, just watch this if you haven't already. It's Atlantic Drift, it's the best thing out there.

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