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Austyn Gillette LES
Austyn Gillette LES
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Austyn Gillette LES

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One
  • austyn gillette LES Skate thrasher

New York's iconic LES skate park gets the OG team handsome treatment from the interminably stylish Austyn Gillette and, for each and every one of us worried that his horrific meniscus injuries of three years ago might see him never return to his former glory, it's a truly welcome return to grace.

This is not a proper part of course - it's blatantly filmed on a phone, a lot of it is blurry and a lot more could've easily been left out but it's the sum of its parts that matter most here. This is a guy who, as his career reached its prime, lost his partner in crime in truly tragic circumstances and then managed to destroy both knees in a very short space of time. The notion that he's even skating at all is good enough, to see him enjoying himself, acting like the proverbial skate rat and still turning on the steeze is a joy to behold.

And that's the point. We all love skateboarding when we start, but it's oh so easy for professionals to fall massively out of love, producing footage much like a bus driver drives a bus or a coal miner mines his coal. Though his 'Radiant Cure' part earlier this year was fantastic to see, it's seeing skate rat Austyn that's getting the world way more hyped

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