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Bastien: Not So Sorry
Bastien: Not So Sorry
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Bastien: Not So Sorry

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One

Where to even start with Bastien Salabanzi? From his first appearance in Thrasher in 1998 aged 11, to his recent voyage into Gofundme's for guitars he wants, the now not-so-young man from Toulon has always exuded confidence and, no overstatement, is one of the greatest natural skate talents the world has ever known.

Hark back to those pre Sorry filming days and whispers of a French wunderkind as "talented as Tom Penny" were floating around dark corners of the Euro scene, fast forward a few months and his name was the hottest ticket on the planet. Over the years his career trajectory has somewhat wavered (sometimes through his choice, sometimes through that of various sponsors) but one thing has remained constant - his seemingly god given combination of raw skate ability and the ultimate belief in himself.

As is the case with so many of his generation, new footage hasn't always been easy to come by. Though certainly no slouch, his peak came way before the current social media age and so every scrap of his recorded trickery has been poured over and enjoyed time and time again. Which is why we were so stoked to see this brand new full length part drop this week;  no middle aged taking it easy or dialling it in to milk his early 00's heyday - a fully legitimate Bastien Salabanzi part and all that that entails. Enjoy!

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