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Best Of 2014: Daewon In Transition

Dec 2014 by Route One

Sadly space limits only permit five ‘best of’ posts available for us to pick, making this last choice incredibly difficult. Guy Mariano’s recent Berrics part was mind-blowing, Cory Kennedy’s ‘Bellingham part’ was fun and radness personified, Wes Kremer seemed a level up from everybody else, the R1 FST of February was something we were immensely proud of and our interview series went from strength to strength.

We can only pick one more clip though so, when all was said and done, it simply had to be this face meltingly good section from the legend that is Almost and DVS rider Daewon Song.

Filmed as part of the Berrics’ ‘In Transition’ series, and pitted against the likes of Ben Raemers, Ronnie Sandoval, Bob Burnquist and Rune Glifberg, Daewon walked the public vote with a technical annihilation of concrete quarters the likes of which we are never likely to recover from.

We say this a lot but it couldn’t ring more true in this instance; words cannot do this justice – you simply HAVE to watch it…

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