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Birdhouse 'Beautiful Mutants'
Birdhouse 'Beautiful Mutants'
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Birdhouse 'Beautiful Mutants'

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  • By Route One
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Before you ask, no, the footage from Clive Dixon's death defying Thrasher cover isn't in this. Of course that's disappointing (though it does mean something else is obviously in the works!) but don't let that detract from the fact this is a fantastic short, sharp shock of skateboarding hype.

And it's different too; in an age where every single release seems to be minimalist editing set to the de rigueur soundtrack of early 90's house it's refreshing to see a themed approach accompanied by a slice of the punk rock side of the Beastie Boys' back catalogue. Birdhouse knows what it is and it isn't gonna start hopping on trends at this stage in its life and you've gotta hand that to them; skateboarding was always about being yourself!

Featuring tricks from pretty much the entire team and introducing Ed Duff to the squad, you really can't go wrong with a clip of this quality. Yeah it would have been great to see Clive's water tower lipslide but, as we said before, that just means there's something else coming soon so lets just see this for what it is - a great little teaser that builds the Birdhouse hype!

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