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Blake Carpenter’s True Blue Part

Dec 2014 by Route One

Each day this week the Thrasher website is premiering parts from Dekline Footwear’s latest audio-visual offering ‘True Blue’ and our favourite so far has to be that of opener Blake Carpenter.

Toy Machine’s Blake might not be a name you’re massively familiar with yet but we have a feeling that is all gonna change after this facemelter of a section gets seen worldwide; to quote Thrasher directly “There are some enders in here that are gonna put your jaw on the floor. Wow.”

By the time this reaches you there’ll be further parts from the likes of Jaws, James Hardy, Pat Burke, Dakota Servold and Chad Timtim online for you to check out – those lads are really gonna have to step it up if they’re going to come close to putting a section out like Blake, that’s for certain!

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