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Brian Peacock Recruited

Sep 2015 by Route One

Newark, Delaware native Brian Peacock is astoundingly good on a skateboard. Yeah, we know that goes without saying, given P Rod personally hooked him up with his Primitive board brand. No, what we mean is that, even in the world of uber technical and consistent skateboarders, Brian Peacock manages to astound.

Take his recent J-kwon clip, that last line went on for a minute and contained tricks even seasoned pro’s would struggle to land as a single manoeuvre – people fainted half way through it was that intense!  Then there is this, his ‘Recruited’ section for The Berrics website. Oh wow…

Again, dispensation must be made for the fact that it’s a skatepark and everything is perfect but hey, when did you last do a cab back noseblunt 270 out in the middle of a block. Exactly. And that was only the second clip; the lad really is astounding.

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