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Bru-ray: The Copenhagen Secret Session
Bru-ray: The Copenhagen Secret Session
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Bru-ray: The Copenhagen Secret Session

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Thrasher Magazine seems to have the monopoly when it comes to the raddest webclips these days. Following on from the truly phenomenal Wes Kremer part is this exclusive footage of the session that went down in the insane new bowl complex over in Copenhagen, featuring the likes of Grant Taylor, Raven Tershy, Kevin Kowalski and the mind blowing Greyson Fletcher.

Admittedly, if your local council built this bowl for you in the park behind Asda you’d be gutted; unless you’re one of the planet’s top transition skaters you’d definitely struggle. That said, if you are one of the world’s best ramp skaters (like this lot) then you’d tear the bugger a new proverbial one and probably have one heck of a time doing so. Don’t believe us? Just watch.

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