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Chima and Robbie
Chima and Robbie "From Here to There"
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Chima and Robbie "From Here to There"

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  • By Route One
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The year after next Real Skateboards will be 30; just think about how daft that is. In an industry where the only constant is change, where the key demographic of any brand was likely born half way through Real's tenure and where money corrupts souls like nowhere else on earth, Real Skateboards has not only kept it tried and true for nearly three decades but somehow they've also kept it legit in the eyes of the public; how mental is that!?!

Their latest promotional clip focuses on the twin talents of long time pro and New South Wales native Chima Ferguson and the newly Phoenix AZ local Robbie Brockel and is everything we've all come to expect from the realest brand on the planet.

Big burly street skateboarding, cameo clips from Kyle and Ishod, rail tech in Cali and Oz and a whole lot more besides. It's a trite cliche to say "this doesn't disappoint" but it's a trite cliche because brands like Real make sure the stuff the put their name to doesn't disappoint! And that's probably the secret to their success; if you want longevity in skateboarding then you can't be messing about with crappy filler, you've gotta keep it legit. Heck, you've gotta keep it Real!

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