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Chocolate 20 Years Range
Chocolate 20 Years Range
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Chocolate 20 Years Range

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Chocolate has been and always will be one of the most respected and well rounded skateboard brands in the industry.

2014 saw Chocolate proudly hit a well earned 20 years of success, along side this every ones favourite skateboarder Jerry Hsu joined the rankings of Chocolatey goodness.

To honour this achievement the history of Chocolate was covered in depth by Vice Magazine's Patrick O'Dell, through the well known interview platform 'Epicly Later'd'. The 4 part series delved deep to shed light on the trials and tribulations of the tightly knit team, and chatted with co - owners (Rick Howard, Mike Carroll) on how they dealt with members passing away to making the Chocolate brand grow from strength to strength.

To cap off the 20th year, a range of apparel and accessories has hit shelves for all to rep proudly.  Including a bucket hat, sweat pants, scarfs, caps, long sleeves, a reversible jacket, a snood, insulated shirts, and nostalgic photo tee's.

Watch the edits, learn some history and get stoked!

Click here to view the Chocolate 20 year range.

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