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Corey Duffel's 'Homeboy' Part
Corey Duffel's 'Homeboy' Part
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Corey Duffel's 'Homeboy' Part

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We've written and rewritten the intro to our thoughts regarding this brand new Corey Duffel part three or four times now and, as yet, we've failed to come up with anything to do it justice. We've tried referencing the fact he only released his (for want of a better term) come back part 'Never Alone' back in January, we've attempted a nod to his epic 9 Club interview that announced this part's existence and we nearly even dropped a bit of insider info from a friend of Corey's who confirmed that, as recently as two years ago, he never thought he'd skate again. None of it worked because Corey is one of the raddest humans on the planet and everything we wrote trying to big him up seemed cheap and lame in comparison.





Let's be fair, Corey has had his demons to fight and he's destroyed himself physically to the point where walking is pretty much a struggle. But here's a guy who's recognised his faults, done everything he can to make amends and simply loves skateboarding so flipping much that he can't stop, no matter the effects it has on his body.




Apparently the part was finished months ago, we'll let Corey fill you in on the rest himself: 




"On June 27 I went skating with my friends Brendan and Kevin and felt like skating a rail. I haven’t been stoked on rails in years, and never found that joy to jump on them anymore. For some reason I was stoked this day and wanted to do a lipslide for old time's sake. I hadn’t done one frontside in years. I slid down it but it felt weird because of the fence. “F*ck it, I’ll do it right here. Later!" I got stuck in the fence. Had it been any other rail I’d have probably slid. Instead a rail demon said “not today“ and tossed my carcass to the warm pavement. I knocked the air out of my body and wasn’t sure if my ribs were ok. I stood up and said “I’m cool” I looked at my arm and changed my mind and said “nah nah. My arm is broken.” I knew I was hurt really bad so I said “f*ck it, might as well just land it.” Got the trick and continued to skate the remainder of the day. Around 9pm I went to the ER to have my arm set back in place and figure out what’s going on. I'd snapped my radius. Four months later the bone is still fractured and I’m bummed. Due to so much previous surgery on this wrist the doctor decided not to do another surgery. My video part was ended on that day. I wanted more but decided to say it’s finished and I’ll film another one when I heal up. The part has been edited since August, but I wanted to release it on Halloween. Halloween is a very special day for me and my favourite time of the year. It is also the ten year anniversary for Rachel and I. It’s not a gift to her, but it’s a reminder of how blessed I am in this life. To have someone who supports my love for skateboarding. I truly hope you all enjoy it. If it makes you want to skate and smile, I am beyond happy."


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