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Cory Kennedy: The Sk8rat Angles

Apr 2016 by Route One

Cory Kennedy, you are a beast! In fact, if pressed, we’d have to say you are the most exciting skateboarder on the planet right now!

This vid is basically a B-roll/mates angles montage of some of his best stuff in recent years, harking back to Pretty Sweet and a number of independent projects before and since, and every single clip proves him to stand head and shoulders above virtually all his contemporaries.

The Girl and Nike SB pro can seemingly do every trick imaginable and does it all with the biggest of smiles on his face. In a world where every park has a local hero better than most pros a decade ago it takes a lot to stand out; Cory does that, all while having the time of his life and only seems to be getting better – put simply, he really is the best!

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