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Dime Comp Vol.420

Apr 2017 by Route One

Is the title cynically cashing in on corny childhood rebellion or Canadian stoners sticking it to the man? We don't suppose that really matters when the hottest crew on Instagram release their latest compilation and it blows everybody else on the world's fourth most popular social networking site out of the water!

Featuring everyone from Heroin's Lee Yankou to "the funniest man in skateboarding" Jamal Smith, don't let the dad cam angles fool you, these boys are ripping it harder for throwaway phone footy than half the pro's in California are doing for their day job.

Featuring all your favourite dime postings of late, be they skit or skate, and wrapped up into one 'easy to manage' Youtube shaped package by the good folks at Quartersnacks, this is easily worth 16 minutes of your time so get some right now!

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