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Dom Henry 'Cottonopolis'
Dom Henry 'Cottonopolis'
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Dom Henry 'Cottonopolis'

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
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Parts of Sean Lomax's latest Manchester centric full length 'Cottonopolis' are starting to show themselves online and we were thrilled to see Dom Henry's amongst them, hosted this week by the irrepressible Free Skate Mag.

A Reading native cum Manchester scene mainstay, Dom has been producing some of the most eye wateringly aesthetically pleasing skateboarding the north west has ever had the fortune to bear witness to and this latest section really is a treat to behold.

Impeccably filmed in glorious HD 4:3 and controversially sound-tracked with music Leeds born hip hop artist Tommy Evans (controversial if you understand the 'War of the roses' beef that still exists to this day!), this is definitely one of the best parts you'll see from a British skater this year. In fact, outside the forthcoming Blips production 'Cover Version' and the rest of Cottonopolis itself, we can't think of anything else that could possibly come close!

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