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Dylan Witkin - A Concrete Forest
Dylan Witkin - A Concrete Forest
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Dylan Witkin - A Concrete Forest

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One

Mind literally blown to bits on this one, Nike SB representative Dylan Witkin can skate anything he wants, a rare gene not found in a good 90% of skateboarders. From tick tack big pop ledge dudes, to gnarly "leap down anything you take me to moshers" it's rare you will come across someone who has no trouble what so ever adapting to any terrain they put their mind to. Daan Vanderlinden is the most recent to spring to mind, and we all know how much of a naturally talented freak his is.

We first noticed Dylan's insane ability when we watched his shared section in the Expedition One 'Gone Fishing' video that was released online back in winter 2014. His footage, along with team mate Frankie Heck he really made a stand out few minutes up against the well established pro team. He didn't seem to have a problem shutting down the most rinsed spots through out America, chucking out a casual 540 in a concrete bowl and sliding further than most whilst sporting his standard one old school rail.
Through out this thrasher part the rails seem to get bigger and more kinked, inverts in pools pop up and padless vert sessions seem to be no trouble at all for this hairy beast of a man.

Make sure you watch both parts below to gauge the insanity...


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