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éS Skateboarding Returns for Spring '16
éS Skateboarding Returns for Spring '16
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éS Skateboarding Returns for Spring '16

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  • By Route One

Since 1995, éS has been at the forefront of high-performance skateboarding, often providing technical care and support unrivalled by other skating brands. éS were one of the first footwear brands to deliver highly technical construction design specifically for skaters, and this Sole Technology  brand became one of the go-to brands of the 90’s and early 2000’s.

The new capsule footwear collection features the old-school classic Accel - seen in its original form, and with two modern re-workings - and the Sal, named after the brand’s creator Sal Barbier.

The Sal 23 shoe started life at Etnies, as Barbier’s signature shoe whist he featured heavily on the Etnies team. In 1995, Barbier left Etnies and joined the newly formed éS, helping them with both the launch and design of the brand. Barbier took with him his signature shoe, flipping the embroidered ‘23’ heel logo to now read ‘ES’. The 2016 Sal features a near-indestructible 400NBS rubber sole, micro-suede upper and reinforced ollie pad – a slim but robust style with incredible longevity.

The Accel OG, sticking to its original iconic silhouette, is a little chunkier than the rest of the collection, harking back to the classic look of the late 90s. The style also features a central footwrap for stability and 3 types of STI-patented foam for unparalleled comfort.

The Accel Slim features similar construction but with a more flexible, breathable upper for a more versatile ride, whilst the Accel SQ shows a clearer re-imagining, with a single-piece toe box for resistance, an all-suede upper and slimmer, more modern silhouette.

éS also introduces new style the Sesla. With dual-lacing option for rider comfort, STI Energy foam and STI 'therothane' toe piece, which gives the shoe supreme durability and the perfect flick. This new substance is similar to the the hard-wearing urethane found in skateboard wheels and is part of the reason why éS are heralding the Sesla as the best skate shoe ever.



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