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Exclusive Sam Beckett Interview

May 2014 by Route One

Route One Skate Team rider Sam Beckett has been doing some exciting things recently! R1 Skate TM Josh Young caught up with him about his recent progress in the US, being away from home and what's coming up for him over the next year.


Amazing news that you’ve just been added to Blind’s full team! Has this been in the pipeline for a while? You must be stoked? I'm not really sure if I am or not really. Haha. Things are certainly moving forward and I am stoked that I have been doing stuff with the guys out in the US. Weiss is a top fella and is a good guy to have as a TM.

Now that you’ll be fully on the American radar, will you be making permanent residence in San Diego? It's definitely hard to make an impact over there, with the scene being so heavy with people killing it. But it is good as it pushes you. I've been really enjoying my time out here but I'm not sure if or when I'll make the full commitment to live out here. I like calling the UK home and I really like being back there.

You’re constantly on the road travelling; do you ever get home sick? If so, what’s your cure? I'm not sure. There are definitely times when you miss people, family and friends. Certain home comforts, mainly types of food etc. But it gets to the point where you just have to live where you are at. If you start wanting to be somewhere else or feeling like you need to be somewhere else it can be hard.

What’s the chances of a Sam Beckett ‘Stew-bacca’ pro Blind board in years to come? Haha, obviously I would be stoked! Realistically I don’t know if something like that will happen. At the end of the day, no one is going to turn someone pro if their board isn't going to sell and I feel like it's pretty hard to sell boards as someone who is primarily a vert skater. But that is the dream haha.

Are there any video parts, interviews or events coming up you’ll be involved in, and we should keep our eyes out for? I'm working on a part with the help of Blind and Monster. So it would be cool to finish that by the end of the summer. We have been filming these webisodes for Thrasher called "Vert Sucks". I think the first one is going to have a shared part with my friend Jimmy and I. There's a little Monster article coming out in The Skateboard Mag from the Monster ramp. I'm trying to get a little project going with Oakley around the UK as well. So I'm keeping busy and there is plenty to be doing. Haha.

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