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Fight For Your Right-Revisited
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Fight For Your Right-Revisited

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Back in 1986 the Beastie Boys, three upstarts from NYC, changed the game with their Rick Rubin produced anthem "(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (to Party) and accompaning video.

It seems kinda strange that the now tofu-eating, Tibet-saving elder statesmen of HipHop caused such outrage back then!

Fast forward twenty five years and Adam Yauch (MCA) himself has directed a 30 minute movie entitled "Fight For Your Right Revisited" enlisting his A-List chums to portray the wild frat-boy era Beasties of the mid 80s!

Starring (take a deep breath) Danny McBride, Elijah Wood, Will Ferrell, Jack Black, Seth Rogen, Jason Schwartzman, John C. Reilly, Will Arnett, and Susan Sarandon, Adam Scott, Ted Danson, Stanley Tucci, Mike Mills, Rainn Wilson and Steve Buscemi.

Watch the trailer and then check out the original music video and party like it's 1986!

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