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Get Lesta: Wild in Bristol and Manchester
Get Lesta: Wild in Bristol and Manchester
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Get Lesta: Wild in Bristol and Manchester

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

This past weekend saw two major skate events go down on British shores and Callun Loomes of Get Lesta fame was on hand at both to capture the footage and display it for you, right in this handy Youtube sized box!

Saturday’s action congregated around the now infamous DC Lloyds ‘Big Three’ jam in Bristol and saw the National’s Andy ‘Evs’ Evans and Skate Café’s Korahn Gayle taking the two biggest cheques home, with £1500 and £750 respectively.

Those in Manchester on Sunday not only witnessed the savage radness encompassed by all enthralled in the blanket of Emerica’s ‘Wild in the Streets’ but also the downright brilliance of Real’s Essex connection Mr Harry Lintell. By now you’ve surely seen the million and one Insta clips or heard rumours a plenty on the grapevine – regardless, do yourself a favour and watch it properly, the lad deserves your attention.

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