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Golden Foytime
Golden Foytime
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Golden Foytime

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  • By Route One
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Each year, to celebrate the coronation of the new Skater of the Year, Thrasher magazine takes the newly crowned king and a group of his (equally talented) mates to some far flung land for an epic journey of sights, sounds and shredding. Wes got the Canary Islands for 'Soty and the Hemmies,' David Gonzales' crew hit up Hawaii, and last year's vacation to Australia was such a success for Kyle Walker that Phelps booked Foy and his boys on a trip down under to make the most of that antipodean sunshine and the multitude of skate spots the great country has to offer!


At exactly 16 minutes long, this is no throwaway webclip that you half watch whilst checking your insta and making plans for later. Nah, this is the real deal and with a crew consisting of the aforementioned Jamie Foy plus the likes of Torey Pudwill, Lizard King Mason Silva, Taylor Kirby, Zion Wright and more, you know this is an all out hammer attack that deserves your full attention. Throw in Beagle for that 'behind camera hype' and this looks about as good a fun time crew as you're ever likely to collate!

And that's exactly what you get here; good time vibes and insanely gnarly shredding. You really can't go wrong with such a classic combination!

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