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Gosha Konyshev

May 2018 by Route One

We'll be honest, before this clip appeared on Thrasher's website, we had no idea about Gosha Konyshev or his uniquely resilient brand of all-terrain shredding. However, living on the northern seaboard as we do, we're certainly no stranger to cold winters (or moaning about them), so seeing this puts a new perspective on the levels of commitment required to keep up the shred when the temperature plummets well below zero.


Filmed in Russia through the darkest mid-winter, this is a level of love for the board few would ever dream of undertaking. Legit hubba hammers in the middle of a Moscow snowstorm, tanking around ice covered skate parks at Mach Busenitz and barely a bit of dry tarmac to call home; this is mesmerising stuff that'll make you realise two days of sleet each February really isn't something worth crying about any more!

It's hard sometimes to explain just how great a clip is without grabbing someone by the colllar and screaming into their ear "you've really gotta watch this!" - this is one of those moments though, so hopefully you've understood the hype we've tried to portray as this is skateboarding radness at its very best. Click play now and witness the sh*tness (of the weather) and see for yourself that that ain't stopping Gosha any time soon.

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