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Hold Tight London - Vol.16 Overcroft
Hold Tight London - Vol.16 Overcroft
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Hold Tight London - Vol.16 Overcroft

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
  • hold tight london skate vol 16 overcroft

Though circumstances have conspired in such a way that cult London cameraman Henry Edwards Wood hasn't been as productive as he would perhaps have liked in recent years, he's thankfully back again with his HTL series and this latest installment (Vol.16 for those of you who've been counting) is everything the capital's skate scene documentation has been missing.

Released in conjunction with Vague magazine and filmed predominantly in the early months of this year (though the timing of the release means it also somewhat serves as a chronicling of the first few weeks of the recently rebuilt Southbank) Vol.16 is essentially a belter of a shared part between Joel Banner and Jeremy Jones, with a few other South Bank locals and UK skate legends thrown into the mix for good measure.

If you like your UK skateboarding top notch and filmed properly, then this is the clip you've been waiting for; gimmicks don't hold this piece together, just raw talent and an eye for the exceptional. Click play now.

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