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Jamie Foy Spitfire
Jamie Foy Spitfire
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Jamie Foy Spitfire

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
  • jamie foy skate spitfire

Big boy Foy is back! In truth, 2017's SOTY Jamie is such a footage machine he's never really been away! It's been barely six months since his mindbogglingly gnarly turn in Ty Evan's 'Flat Earth', and yet here he is again, laying down the hammers once more in this amazing new part for Spitfire Wheels.

Returning to a traditional camera approach after the dipping his toes in Ty's 4k rectilinear world, Foy does not mess about. Rails of gargantuan proportions get slayed with ease and the young Floridian, most definitely trimmed down since he burst onto our screens in Thrasher Magazine's 'King of the Road,' also mixes it up and even gets a bit of super risky DIY transition into the mix.

As you'd expect, a large number of the Bakerboys crew show their faces, and this definitely has a lot more to do with mates jumping fences and session-ing the spot than Hollywood camera rigs and licensing permits. Basically Foy is pretty much the ultimate legit skate rat right now and once again he's proved his worth as someone we've got a hell of a lot of time for!

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