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Jeremy Leabres B-sides
Jeremy Leabres B-sides
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Jeremy Leabres B-sides

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

When Emerica’s ‘Made’ video premiered last year, with Jeremy Leabres opening up proceedings, a collective gasp of “who?” rang out around the world. Less than five minutes later the question became “who on earth is this kid!?!?”.

Following on from Brandon Westgate and, more recently, Leo Romero Emerica have now seen fit to unleash the B-roll acquired whilst filming Jeremy’s shocking opening part and it does not disappoint.

Secondary angles and a glimpse into just how much this kids wants it (so many serious, serious slams) make for a thoroughly entertaining 12 minutes that seem to fly by in half the time. These B-sides are proving to be as equally entertaining as the official parts and we wait with baited breath for Colin Provost’s clip which must only be a week or two away!

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