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Jimmy Boyes : Sidewalk Issue 200 Section
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Jimmy Boyes : Sidewalk Issue 200 Section

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One

Geoff Rowley introduces this full section from the one and only Jimmy Boyes, as seen on Sidewalk:

"Jimmy is a free spirit, a seeker, a lover, a skater, a man of passion and strong beliefs: he lives outside the bubble. A freedom fighter, driven to live to the fullest, take your negative vibes and he will cleanse them. A true Englishman, Northern soul, the hardier the better, weather-beaten, travel merchant: he has cycled across the U.S.A. from New York to Florida, Florida to San Diego, San Diego to San Francisco, then Seattle on a separate journey back to San Francisco, alone!

He has climbed all the major mountains in Europe and Mt. Kilimanjaro with a native guide, walking through families of mountain gorillas. He has climbed to base camp in Everest, just to check it out! He has also cycled across Morocco and Australia, he cycled through the Nullarbor Plain in Australia, one of the flattest and most arid roads there is. Along with these trips he has also cycled around the whole coastline of England during the winter, half way across Alaska with myself and a few smaller trips through the Arizona and Colorado mountains, again with myself.

I am honoured to call him my friend, he has been there for me and I appreciate who he is and what he stands for. Just don’t smell his socks."

Jimmy Boyes - Exclusive Sidewalk Issue 200 section! a Skateboarding video by Sidewalk

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