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Justin Sommer 'Hack it Down'
Justin Sommer 'Hack it Down'
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Justin Sommer 'Hack it Down'

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One

In these turbulent and uncertain days of Brexit, many things are up in the air and countless questions rear their heads daily; we ask ourselves if the pound is likely to recover against the Euro, how will travel arrangements to the continent change in two years time and will people ever consider writing slogans on the side of a big red bus again? Regardless of how our collective quest for parliamentary sovereignty plays out one thing can always be relied upon; our German friends are always going to be the most fervent purveys of classic 90's 'Euro tech' in ways we'll never fully understand!

Nike SB backed Berlin native Justin Sommer may dress like he's got an illegal breed of pit bull tied up outside and have the kind of demeanor that'd give your Gran the fear, should he walk past her in the street, but he's also got that uber technical approach that our European cousins hold in such high regard and, boy, does he do it well.

This brand new part through SOLO Mag, filmed throughout mainland Europe, proves that open borders certainly benefit the man or woman in search of the perfect ledge, regardless of any other interpretations and no matter which side of the political spectrum they may sit. It also proves that young Justin is a properly on it when it comes to manhandling the flippiest of skateboarding manoeuvres - the kid attacks everything that comes his way like a boss! Sit back, click play and enjoy a bit of Europe whilst it's not considered unpatriotic to do so.

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