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Kelly Hart Central Part

Sep 2015 by Route One

Was this filmed on an Iphone or have we stepped back 20 years into a pre death lens time-warp? Regardless of just how circular the footage in this ‘exclusive to Thrasher’ part is, LRG’s Kelly Hart is one smooth operator and that’s something no one can deny!

Venture Trucks rider Kelly really does hail from the stylish side of the tracks and when you combine nollie inward heels over picnic with those classic hip hop sound you know simply can’t lose. We hasten to add that said nollie inward heel isn’t even his ender so he definitely has the ability to back up the finesse; there’s no point being as smooth as silk if there is no content within.

The Laguna Hills native recently turned thirty but this short clip illustrates he has no plans to slow down and, when skateboarding is as beautiful as this, that’s something we are very glad to see!

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