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King Of The Road Is Back!
King Of The Road Is Back!
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King Of The Road Is Back!

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Yep, it may well have been filmed in the summer and we all know that Birdhouse were the eventual winners but there is still nothing quite like the combination of raw shredding and road trip silliness that Thrasher’s ‘King of the road’ brings.

Episode One centres around the start of enjoi’s week and even includes a kick flipping Mum (you don’t see them every day down the local three stair). Obviously the following days and weeks will be filled with further clips from the likes of Real and Chocolate (plus more from the aforementioned Birdhouse and enjoi) so you have plenty of shenanigans, ill-advised tattooing and straight up gnarly skating to look forward to. God bless skateboarding!

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