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Kristian Svitak New Part!

Nov 2015 by Route One

Lucero? Hensley? Chad Knight? The cameos alone make this new Kristian Svitak part a must see!

Those of you who were skating around the turn of the millennium will no doubt remember Kristian, he was Black Label’s answer to Rowley; gnarly as hell and ‘Punk as F*ck’ to boot!

After leaving to start his own brand, discovering Ben Raybourn and basically having a rad old time of it for the past decade he has finally joined up with old Label team mate Mike V and is now riding for Street Plant skateboards.

Coming in at over nine minutes this section is pure “mates” hype footage and contains some seriously rad new skateboarding as wel as a multitude of classic clips; we promise if you bob it on before your next skate you’ll be hyped all session.  Get watching!

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