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Lenz II: Koichiro Uehara
Lenz II: Koichiro Uehara
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Lenz II: Koichiro Uehara

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Tightbooth Productions, the genii behind the amazing Lenz videos, have seen fit to release Magenta pro Koichiro Uehara’s truly gobsmacking Lenz II section online.

The term “quick feet” doesn't do Koichiro justice, combined with his approach coming from the Matt Rodriguez school of truck maintenance (no top bushing) and you have obstacles that nobody else could even consider touching getting “torn a new one”.

This really is quite different from your usual hammers and stair approach but equally it doesn’t fall into that lame ‘it’s cool to be crap’ aesthetic certain aspects of the skateboarding media seem to be pushing in their edits of late. Nah, this is straight up shredding of the highest calibre whilst still being creative as a very creative person creating something creatively. Get on it!

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