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Lizzie on the Nine Club
Lizzie on the Nine Club
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Lizzie on the Nine Club

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
  • interview lizzy armanto nineclub skate

The notion of "women's skateboarding" is something of a misnomer in 2019. Skateboarding is simply skateboarding and regardless of gender, age or size you can get out there and rip (or at least have fun); female skateboarders are skating at such a high level they can easily hold their own but in certain aspects, they still aren't necessarily getting an equal shine. With this in mind we're stoked to see the Nine Club building on their recent interview with Leticia (and 2017's chat with Nora) and inviting Lizzie Armanto into the hot seat to be this week's special, special, special guest!

Discussing everything from growing up in Simi Valley to her dual Finnish/US citizen ship, turning pro for Birdhouse to getting the cover of Thrasher and much more besides, Lizzie is the epitome of skateboarding positivity and this is two and a quarter hours that is sure to build the stoke!

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