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London Void
London Void
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London Void

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  • By Route One
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Is it cool to like Nirvana again? If the evidence of this clip from London based film maker Sirus F Gahan is anything to go by, with washed out HD shots of the capital laid over the screaming sounds of Kurt Cobain working through the ageless 'Tourettes,' there's every chance you'll be combining a bright yellow smiley face tee with your Dickies before the year is out!  

Excellently filmed as always, and featuring a whose who of South Eastern names, this brand new clip for Vague mag manages to keep things fresh without ever venturing into trite or kookish territory. Cruising Chris Oliver lines and Charlie Munroe hammers sit alongside Daryl Dominguez and Manny Lopez madness, Barney Page brings his wallride game and Canada Water only makes one tiny appearance! 

It's good to remember that there's a lot more to the UK than simple tourist spots for visiting American pros. Though our scene may no longer get the exposure it once coveted, people like Sirus are making sure the best skating going down on these shores is still getting captured. Long may that continue!

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