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Loveletters Season 10: China
Loveletters Season 10: China
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Loveletters Season 10: China

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  • By Route One
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You can't front on Grosso. Astute, comedic and brutally self aware; there are few people who love skateboarding as much as the big guy from Arcadia and even fewer who have the charisma to pull off ten seasons of waxing lyrical about skateboarding without boring half the world to death.

The latest series of Loveletters kicked of a few weeks ago and has already delved deep into the history of Venice Beach, discussed the five greatest DIYs (subjective, not definitive of course!) and managed to blow smoke up Natas' backside without seeming overtly sycophantic because that's the way Grosso puts it across. You feel the passion in the way he talks about skateboarding but it's never cheesy or insincere and that's why we love it!

The most recent episode to drop definitely takes him out of his comfort zone however, exploring skateboarding most recent international love affair, China. From Powell's first toe dipping back in '89 to the month long filming missions current day pros take, visiting the never ending sea of granite the newly built cities have to offer; the end of Communism in China has changed the face of skateboarding way more than you realise. Educate yourself and find out more now (plus hear some rad stories along the way!).

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