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Luan: 6 Pra 1
Luan: 6 Pra 1
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Luan: 6 Pra 1

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Six whole minutes of VX footage of one the greatest skaters in the world right now? Yep, we’ll have a bit of that thank you very much!

Edited “raw” and featuring only the sounds of urethane against concrete (and truck against ledge), this ‘Black Media’ produced clip of Porto Alegre’s most famous son concentrates on him cruising around Plaza Roosevelt in Sao Paulo, knocking out lines that’d make 2002 era PJ Ladd jealous.

Flip Skateboards and Nike SB know full well just how big a deal their man Luan is, somehow managing to straddle the gap between Street League sports star and bona fide legit skate rat. When you’ve got not only the talent but also the love for the skate life Luan possess, it’s easy to see why all factions can’t get enough of this moustachioed wonder and this footage is yet another example of why we all hold him in such high regard.

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