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Did trendy just go HD? We're not sure if the whole 'on point' movement in skateboarding is ready to put down the VX just yet, but Melbourne camera man (and maker of some of the most zeitgeist typical edits of the era) Urban Bear Grylls seems to have committed himself to the use of a HD rig following the undeniable success of last October's 'Botched' clip and his latest piece 'Mark' just carries on the good work where that left off.


Featuring the likes of Liam McCulloch, Shaun Paul, Ben Lawrie and more, these Aussie lads prove the state of Victoria can more than hold it's own with the trend setters ten and a half thousand miles away in NYC. Mid 90's fits, ironic use of terrible modern hip hop and amazing spots come together to show that these guys really know what's needed to make a crew clip in 2018 and ain't that a fine thing!


The weather may be sucking the proverbial over here right now but we all know spring is round the corner and when those warmer evenings come into play you're gonna want something that kick starts that hype before you and the crew hit the streets; this is certainly gonna do the job so get it bookmarked and prey for some warmer weather to come our way!

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