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Niels Bennett & Griffin Gass Turn Pro for Girl Skateboards

Oct 2020 by Route One

The news from Girl is out, Bennett and Gass turn Pro. Following their staring roles in Nervous Circus, we see the pair join the Girl team for a (kinda) socially distanced edit shot this summer, before clowning around on the Venice curbs.  



For Seattle skater Griffin Gass, it’s been a long term love with the Girl/Chocolate family, skating for their partner brands Lakai and Royal for years now. It feels pretty obvious that Girl was going to turn Griffin pro after his clips in 2018’s ‘Doll’.


Niels Bennett recently said to Thrasher 23 may be too young to turn pro, but here we are! The Adidas skater has gone from dodging old ladies in his part in No Hotels four years ago to the main feature in 2020’s feel-good skate film of the year. 



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